Innovative and expansive, research at Touro explores a wide range of human knowledge and disciplines.

With the oversight of the Office of the Provost for Biomedical Research, our faculty have uncovered the secret lives of prehistoric mollusks in Jordan, broken new ground on the use of Marijuana in the treatment of Parkinson's symptoms, and brought to light forgotten heroes of Nazi-occupied Europe. They present at conferences around the world and publish frequently.

And scholarly ambition isn’t limited to faculty. Touro students have opportunities and resources to conceptualize and pursue their own research projects. Undergraduate and graduate students are in the field and the community investigating antidotes for nerve gas poisoning and creating successful support groups in Brooklyn rehabilitation centers.

At Touro, each individual professor and student is encouraged to ask their own questions. We help them find answers.

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The Office of the Provost for Biomedical Research oversees the research at all Touro College and University System research departments: