Donate to the Jenny Newman Fund

The difference a smile, determination, and education can make.

A woman driven by passions and willpower, she was never one to let hurdles stand in her way. That, and her belief in the power of education, was what drove her to pursue a Doctor of Pharmacy degree at Touro College of Pharmacy despite her cancer. Her strength, drive and intellectual curiosity catapulted Jenny to the top of her class, even while battling her illness.

A firm believer in the American Dream – that hard work, determination, perseverance, and education can improve one’s lot - she tutored inner city youth while working towards her degree.

And Jenny knew the power of a smile. During her medical care she interacted with an assortment of scientific imaging professionals. The time she spent with caring and warm professionals reminded her of her time as a barista and how a smile could brighten a person's day.

The Jenny Newman Fund is dedicated towards promoting higher education in healthcare, including a new imaging sciences program, and ensuring that Touro can continue to serve the underserved and graduate knowledgeable, expert, caring, and compassionate healthcare providers. It brings together those things that were so important to Jenny.  Help continue her legacy and allow affordable healthcare education to transform and empower not only the patient, but the student as well.

In order to double the impact of any donation the Newman family is providing up to $500,000 in matching support to the Fund.

If you would like to send a donation by check, please mail to:
Touro College, for the Jenny Newman Fund
Attn: Amy Jacobs
Touro College and University System
500 7th Avenue, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10018

For more information, please call 646-565-6276