Graduate Transfer Credit Policy


The policies and procedures described below apply to these Touro schools:

  • Graduate School of Business
  • Graduate School of Education
  • Graduate School of Jewish Studies
  • Graduate School of Psychology
  • Graduate School of Social Work
  • Graduate School of Technology


As part of the admission process, students arrange for official transcripts of all previous post-secondary academic work to be submitted by the issuing institutions directly to the Touro College Office of Graduate Admissions.  This includes transcripts of graduate-level work.

To be eligible for applicable transcripts to be evaluated, students seeking credits for previous graduate-level academic work must meet two basic criteria:

  • be enrolled on a fully-accepted, matriculated basis.
  • have arranged for official transcripts containing all coursework that the student wishes to be considered to be received during the first semester of enrollment, at the latest

Students are responsible for providing any course descriptions or syllabi that may be needed for accurate evaluations to be made.

Transfer credit may also be awarded to current students who complete courses at other colleges, provided the necessary written permission – as specified by the individual school or program – is obtained before the student enrolls in the course. 

Transfer credits are awarded only for courses:

  • with content comparable to the individual school’s courses.
  • which were taken within the last five years.
  • where the grades received were either “B” or better or “pass.”  In the case of “pass” grades, the registrar of the issuing institution must indicate in writing that the grade of “pass” recorded on the student’s transcript is always equivalent to “B” or better in that course.

These are general guidelines.  It remains at the individual school’s sole discretion whether or not to grant transfer credits for (a) given individual course(s).

Other restrictions:

  • graduate credit is not awarded for undergraduate-level courses, apart from one exception detailed below pertaining to “advanced standing” status at the Graduate School of Social Work.
  • academic credit cannot be awarded for life experience or previous work experience.

Granting of transfer credits requires the written approval of the Dean of the relevant school or Chairperson of the relevant program.  The Dean or Chairperson completes and signs the “Transfer Credit Evaluation” form, and submits it to the Office of the Registrar. 


In addition to the general Graduate Division policies and procedures described above, there are credit award limitations and/or other practices which have been established by individual schools.


For all Graduate School of Business programs, the maximum number of credits that can be awarded in transfer is six.  In addition to general Graduate Division policies and procedures, the School may require students to make an appointment to meet with the Dean to discuss potential transfer credit.

Transfer credit is evaluated, and a final determination made, by the Dean.


Individual programs in the Graduate School of Education differ in terms of the maximum number of credits they will grant in transfer.  The table below specifies, by program, those limitations. 


Maximum number of transfer credits awarded

Early Childhood Ed & Special Ed


Childhood Ed and Special Ed

Students with Disabilities, Generalist, Grades 7 – 12


Mathematics Education (Initial Certification)


Mathematics Education (Professional Certification)

School Leadership (Building Leader)


School Leadership (District Leader)

Teaching Literacy

TESOL (Adv. Cert.)

Bilingual Special Ed & Speech and Language Disabilities (Adv. Cert.)

Bilingual Pupil Personnel Services (Adv. Cert.)


Transfer credit is evaluated, and a final determination made, by the chairperson of the individual student’s program. 


The maximum number of credits that can be granted toward the Master of Arts degree is six.  Award of transfer credit is at the discretion of the Dean. Students wishing to take courses at another institution while attending the School must discuss their request with the dean and obtain permission in advance.


For all Graduate School of Psychology programs, the maximum number of credits that can be awarded in transfer is twelve.  The award of credit must be approved by the director of the program in which the student is enrolled.


The maximum number of transfer credits that can be granted toward the Master of Social Work degree is 32 (i.e., no more than 50% of the total number of credits required for the MSW).  Credits are evaluated by the Associate Dean/MSW Program Director.

The School offers two methods by which students may be awarded transfer credits:

  1. Applicants who have, within the last five calendar years, completed coursework in a Master of Social Work program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education are eligible to have their transcripts evaluated for possible transfer credit.  Please note:  No credit can be awarded for courses in graduate programs from which the student has been granted a degree.
  1. Applicants who have earned a Bachelor of Social Work degree at an accredited institution are eligible to have up to one year of their undergraduate coursework evaluated and the resulting transfer credits used to satisfy course requirements in the first year of the Master of Social Work program.  However, as indicated above, credit awarded may not exceed 50% of the credits required to complete the MSW program. 

Such students are considered to have been admitted with “advanced standing.”

Further criteria for acceptance with advanced standing status include:

  • A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • A first-year field work evaluation
  • Three letters of recommendation, one each from:
    • A Field Education department staff member.
    • A faculty member with whom the student took a course.
    • An individual of the student’s choice, but not to include a friend, family member or mental health professional who is treating or has treated the student.

Further information about “advanced standing” in MSW programs can be found at


For all Graduate School of Technology programs, the maximum number of credits that can be awarded in transfer is six.  The award of credit must be approved by the chair, deputy chair, or director of the program in which the student is enrolled.